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KENZO LE | Bookings & Inquiries
(714) 723-2487

CRIMSON EDGE | Production Company


Kenzo Le is an LA based cinematographer, producer, and production designer with a commitment to creating intentional, meaningful work. His signature style is sensory-driven, imaginative, and impressionistic.

Co-Founder and Creative Director of CRIMSON EDGE, a film production company with roots in the narrative, commercial, and music space.


Previous Clients: Aputure, Spinnin' Records, Helix Records, 300 Entertainment, AMUZE Group, Ancestry, Paypal, Disney Family Foundation, Stella Rosa, Chambord, Hermes, Lamborghini, Haus Labs, Dezo, XX Artists, Toshiba, Stella Rosa, Netflix, SHEIN, Tai Verdes, Kehlani, Meghan Trainor. 

Features & Distribution: AAIFF42, CryptTV, The Academy - A.Frame, LALIFF, Shorts TV, Outfest, Holly Shorts, Short of the Week, BRON Studios

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